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What is Sumatra PDF?

Sumatra PDF is a không lấy phí PDF, eBook (ePub, Mobi), XPS, DjVu, CHM, Comic Book (CBZ & CBR) reader for Windows.

Sumatra PDF is powerful, small, portable & starts up very fast.

Simplicity of the user interface has a high priority.


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Download from here .

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See quickstart manual & extensive documentation .

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Have a question or feedbaông xã about Sumatra? Use the diễn đàn .

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Are you a developer? The source code is on GitHub .

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PDF readers have sầu, over the years, managed khổng lồ earn themselves something of a reputation for being slow, lumbering beasts - thanks largely khổng lồ Adobe Reader. Sumatra PDF bucks the trover. It is small, svelte, lightweight và lightning fast.

I use SumatraPDF and I love sầu it. The reason I like it is because it allows for customization I need, remembers recent location in books & documents, it"s không tính tiền, and it"s open source.

I lượt thích SumatraPDF. Runs the circles in terms of performance around the sad piece of crap that Adobe PDF Reader has become.

+1 for SumatraPDF. Fantastic application. Been using it for years, ever since Foxit Reader turned into whatever it is now.

If your Adobe reader croaks or feels glitchy while scrolling, try Sumatra PDF instead. It will be almost like opening a plain text document. Plus you can easily highlight text.

I used lớn use Foxit, but have since turned lớn SumatraPDF. It seems khổng lồ be a little lighter weight than Foxit.

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SumatraPDF is one of those amazing open source programs that does everything a closed-source and/or commercial hàng hóa does, but better in every way.

You can customize & read about every possible document format out there with SumatraPDF, it doesn"t take your resources with useless UI và that"s good if we are thinking about what lightweight means.

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