To secure a bone marrow donation, an actress diagnosed with leukemia makes a marriage pact with a young CEO -- but love sầu & secrets get in the way.

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D-list actress Xia Lin encounters dashing CEO Ling Yizhou, who turns out lớn possess something she desperately needs.


Xia Lin appears with Yizhou at a jewelry show and encounters her ex, Zhao Jiayan, whose attempt to humiliate her backfires.


Now living under one roof with Xia Lin, Yizhou tells Chu Yan and An Ran about his marriage, but Xia Lin wishes khổng lồ keep it under wraps.

Yizhou drives Xia Lin khổng lồ work & encounters actress Yin Shuangshuang, who enlists Xia Lin's help in approaching Yizhou about a joint press conference.

Yizhou's new social truyền thông account explodes with followers. An Ran finds a new accomplice in her efforts to lớn sabotage Yizhou và Xia Lin's marriage.

Xia Lin accepts a new role và meets the dog's mysterious owner, Nan Jintian. An Ran sets another trap for Xia Lin.

After an accident, Yizhou begins to distance himself from Xia Lin. Rumors about Chu Yan và Xia Lin spread online.

As her efforts to win back Yizhou's heart come to lớn naught, Xia Lin seeks solace at Jintian's place and tells hyên about her marriage.

Yizhou becomes suspicious of the tea An Ran serves hyên ổn. Chu Yan's dad humiliates Xia Lin, putting his business ties with Yizhou at risk.

Yizhou và Xia Lin's relationship becomes public, Jintian sets his scheme in motion & Xia Lin discovers an unpleasant truth.

After hearing Yizhou's emotional confession, Xia Lin tries khổng lồ strike out on her own with a new job & moves bachồng into lớn her old apartment.

Xia Lin's interview for a commercial role unravels, Yizhou makes a giảm giá with Chu Yan's dad, & Jintian discusses a new scheme with An Ran.

When a piece of evidence implicates Xia Lin in a crime, Yizhou suspects intrigue và confronts someone cthua khổng lồ her.

Yizhou helps expose An Ran's scheme, which causes a truyền thông media firestorm. Xia Lin accepts a new role and encounters a mysterious woman at a clothing store.

Jia Fei asks Xia Lin to lớn co-star with Chu Yan in her movie about unrequited love. Xia Lin tries helping Yizhou to reconcile with his estranged mom.

Xia Lin learns about Yizhou's & Jintian's troubled, intertwined pasts and confronts unexpected, potentially life-changing news.

Jintian shows Xia Lin his true colors as Yizhou races against time to locate her, but An Ran is the only one who can help hlặng trace the culprit.

After her attempts khổng lồ escape come lớn naught, Xia Lin outwits Jintian & sends a signal khổng lồ Yizhou -- but Jintian is one step ahead.

As Yizhou's fate hangs by a thread, Xia Lin và Chu Yan must prevent someone cthua trận to hlặng from taking control of Lingshi Group.

Yizhou tells his mom that he chooses not to retaliate against Jintian. Xia Lin faces an unforeseeable threat.

In order to lớn dispel negative rumors, career-driven artist Xia Lin & business magnate Ling Yizhou stage a giả marriage but soon fall in love.

Actress Xia Lin crosses paths with wealthy business man Ling Yizhou, and their interaction is caught by paparazzi và sparks lots of negative sầu talks。

Xia Lin confronts Ling Yizhou on his shocking announcement, who explains the best way lớn shake off a scandal is turning it inlớn a positive story.

As a couple, Xia Lin & Ling Yizhou arrive at a villa to lớn participate in a reality show, where a puppy creates an unexpected complication.

On her first day shooting for a new show, Xia Lin is pushed into lớn the water out of bad intention, but luckily is saved by co-star Chu Yan.

Jia Fei advises Xia Lin on moving in with Lin Yizhou, whose lãng mạn gestures start to make Xia Lin feels real about their relationship.

Xia Lin và Ling Yizhou clear some misunderstanding; Xia Lin gets drunk & ponders on her feelings; Fu Weining schemes against Ling Yizhou.

Ling Yizhou and Xia Lin start a different kind of living together. Chu Yan has a heart-to-heart with his father, then opens up to lớn Ling Yizhou.

Xia Lin makes a bold move sầu, then goes with Ling Yizhou khổng lồ see his grandma. Facing challenges in his company, Chu Yan receives unexpected help.

Chu Yan sabotages the blind date his father sets for hlặng. Ling Yizhou suprises Xia Lin with a grand gesture, leaving vengeful Jiang Yushi furious.

Xia Lin and Ling Yizhou's attention are brought to Yao Liang's accident. Astonished by Ling Yizhou's secret, Xia Lin loses trust in hyên.

Jiang Yushi makes a big announcement with Xia Lin's social truyền thông tài khoản. With Jia Fei's advice, Xia Lin tries lớn make amends with Ling Yizhou.

With Ling Yizhou still acting aloof, Xia Lin turns khổng lồ his grandma for advice, và learns about the shadow from his past.

Xia Lin & Ling Yizhou open up to lớn each other & 3D. Jiang Yushi's schemes backfire, then she realises Ling Yizhou is not the one to lớn blame.

Ling Yizhou confronts Fu Weining, where Xia Lin is hit on the head và loses her memory. Chu Yan và Ruan Meng cốt truyện an elevator incident.

Xia Lin pieces together the past two years and demands to break the contract with Ling Yizhou, who agrees but asks her lớn visit three places with hyên.

One place after another, Xia Lin's memory starts to come bachồng. On her sweet wedding day, two other couples also embark their happily ever after.

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